Trial attorney Charles Curtis is respected throughout the Florida legal community for his integrity and professionalism, which he demonstrates through his honesty with clients, his ethical standards in practice, and his work in all forums in which he appears. These qualities, as well as his knowledge and skill, have earned him a reputation as a lawyer’s lawyer, one of the highest compliments an attorney can pay another.

For these reasons, Mr. Curtis is often chosen by other attorneys to represent them in Florida Bar defense, as well as their reinstatement and readmission proceedings. He has also represented judges before the Judicial Qualifications Commission. Other licensed professionals, including doctors and accountants, often turn to him for defense in professional disciplinary cases and professional malpractice cases. Additionally, individuals who have been injured in accidents turn to Mr. Curtis to help them obtain the full compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

At the law office of Charles L. Curtis, P.A., our goal is to provide successful results via the most professional, timely, and cost-effective means available.

With skills that cover everything from simple dispute resolution to complex civil litigation and appellate practice, Mr. Curtis provides complete trial law services to individuals, professionals, and businesses throughout Florida. Speak with him to learn how he may be of assistance to you or your business.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida Bar defense lawyer, please call us at 954-661-8512 or schedule a phone consultation online.