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Reinstatement And Readmission Defense

If a lawyer’s license has been suspended, he or she may need to be reinstated to The Florida Bar to practice again. If a lawyer’s license has been revoked, he or she must be reinstated to The Florida Bar to practice again. Each procedure has its own set of rules and requirements. Either procedure will require a thorough preparation of the applications filed. And, the process invoked may involve the active opposition of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners or The Florida Bar. Preparation, timely filing, monitoring and advocating the applicant’s position in each application by an experienced professional, like Mr. Curtis, can make importance differences in how a filed application is processed and ultimately acted upon.

Attorney Charles Curtis is in his 43 years of practice and as a lawyer has made a positive difference in many of the client’s cases in which he has appeared. As a past member and chairperson (twice) of Florida Bar Grievance Committees, and a current member of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, he is in a unique position to represent attorneys in these cases.

Taking Action On Your Behalf

Mr. Curtis will investigate your situation. He will advise you if he thinks you have or do not have a reasonable expectation of being admitted, reinstated or licensed based upon the circumstances at the time of your application. If there are actions that must be taken or should be taken before an application is filed, Mr. Curtis can make recommendations on what can or should be done to enhance the chances of the timely action upon the application and achieve the success the application warrants.