Defending a Bar Complaint? Trying To Keep Your License? Waiting Only Delays The Stress of The Disciplinary Case.

Professional responsibility representation needs to be complete, competent, & highly experienced. The attorney that you choose to represent you during this trying time is the person that can help you keep your license to practice law. Finding an attorney that has over 4 decades of experience can truly help you defend yourself against the Florida State Bar Association.

Make certain that you are treated fairly throughout the entire process with help from Charles Curtis. With his 40+ years of experience, he will ensure that all of his clients are afforded due process & are given the highest quality advocacy in front of the Bar Association. The faster the resolution, the faster that you can get back to your practice.

While anyone can file a complaint against an attorney, only certain attorneys are qualified to represent them during the hearing. Finding the right representation is crucial, and Mr. Curtis has experience within the State Bar Association. He understands the system, and understands what needs to be done for his client.

Discretion & timely action are key in defending any disciplinary case.

Areas of Practice

  • Florida Bar: defense, reinstatement, readmission proceedings
  • Civil and Administrative Litigation
  • Civil and Administrative Appeals
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