He Assisted and Helped Me

As a teenager and because of a medical condition that was not diagnosed until years later, I engaged in criminal and other conduct that eventually came back to haunt me even though I had turned my life around. When I applied for a license in a profession related to health care, the licensing board told me that my past might be so bad that the Board might stop me from even taking the test that I needed to pass to get licensed. Chuck Curtis assisted me to put my very best foot forward before the Board. He helped me put my past in proper perspective; helped me show who I am today; and, prepared me to properly explain everything when I had to appear before the Board. I felt so prepared that I decided to appear on my own. When I did, everything Chuck told me to expect – happened. The board allowed me to take the test. I’m now well on my way to becoming the health care professional that I wanted to become.

M.G - Circa 2015