1. Advocate and Protector

    In situations like this, the words "THANK YOU" do not seem sufficiently appropriate! The prompt and professional manner in which you resolved this matter that has been hanging over my head for over 18 months is most sincerely appreciated! It is obvious that the D.P.R [Department of Business and Professional Regulation, State of Florida] has great respect for you as a litigator, for your integrity, your…Read More

    J.M., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Circa 2004
  2. Highly Recommend

    Poor trust accounting and judgement led to the loss of my privilege to practice. When the Bar aggressively opposed my reinstatement, I retained Chuck Curtis. His thorough preparation led to the discovery of an $80,000 restitution-obligation inappropriately imposed as a disciplinary sanction against me. His trial experience allowed us to present everything needed to show my rehabilitation, character and…Read More

    R.R.T., Esq.; Miami, Florida - Circa 2006
  3. An Attorney’s Attorney

    I am General Counsel for a Michigan Corporation. We hired Chuck Curtis for complex litigation in Federal Court requiring considerable research and involving unique questions of law. The Federal District Court ruled and Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed every issue in our favor, including the corporation's demand for attorneys' fees in excess of six figured. I have had an opportunity to observe and moni…Read More

    Robert W. Dahm, General Counsel to Aircraft Precision Products, Inc. - Circa 2007
  4. Wholeheartedly Recommend

    I am a practicing CPA in Florida for over 27 years. I had a legal issue and needed some legal assistance. Chuck has been wonderful friend and outstanding attorney who helped me through some very tough moments. His comprehensive knowledge in this area of the law always gave me a great deal of comfort and on numerous occasions a great deal of relief. He was always responsive to my phone calls and emails.…Read More

    Chuck. John S. Bush, CPA; Plantation, Florida - Circa 2010
  5. Understanding and Effective

    I have used Chuck on two very different matters. Both matters were successfully concluded. The latter involved complex litigation that lasted in excess of 5 years and Chuck was on board for about the last two. That litigation required me to engage three different legal firms to represent my companies' interests. Not only did Chuck provide the legal advice and services that he was engaged to provide but…Read More

    Steve Hitchcock, Group Director of Legal Services, Management Consulting Group PLC - Circa 2012
  6. Truly Cares

    I have known Chuck Curtis for more than twenty-five years. We have worked together on his cases and he handles all my legal matters. He truly cares about the welfare of his clients, which is why I refer both friends and clients to his law firm without hesitation. In addition to being honest and competent, he always returns both emails and calls promptly. A truly ethical professional!…Read More

    Jean Mignolet, MIgnolet Business Research Consultants, Inc. - Circa 2013
  7. Honest and Punctual

    I was concerned that my past would keep me from qualifying to get a license as a Health Care Professional. I was also apprehensive that I would have to go through a public hearing that would re-open my past - publicly - and make me re-live an unfortunate incident in my life. Chuck’s legal knowledge and experience; including his understanding of the ins-and-outs of the administrative process and his e…Read More

    R.M - Circa 2014
  8. Highly Qualified and Experienced

    Although he came highly recommended, I did not know him personally or professionally when I interviewed him to see if he would represent me in the defense of Florida Bar complaints. Those complaints were filed by an opposing counsel in ongoing civil litigation and arose out of things I was wrongfully accused of saying and wrongfully accused of doing. Chuck is a fantastic attorney who knows how to bypas…Read More

    C.F. - Circa 2015
  9. He Assisted and Helped Me

    As a teenager and because of a medical condition that was not diagnosed until years later, I engaged in criminal and other conduct that eventually came back to haunt me even though I had turned my life around. When I applied for a license in a profession related to health care, the licensing board told me that my past might be so bad that the Board might stop me from even taking the test that I needed …Read More

    M.G - Circa 2015
  10. Strongly Recommended

    Medical conditions arising while I was practicing led to my hospitalization. While being treated I became addicted to prescriptions medications. My addiction directly affected my ability to properly perform my duties to my clients and made it easier for me to also start abusing alcohol. When clients appropriately complained, The Florida Bar (TFB) filed two complaints against me. My addictions precluded…Read More

    MGP - Circa 2015
  11. Diligent And Effective

    I was able to help achieve a favorable result for my client in mediation. After agreeing to the result, the client’s opposition later had second thoughts and became unhappy with the result. As undeserved retaliation, the opposition filed a complaint against me with The Florida Bar. I recognized I was too close to the matter to be objective. I not only knew I had not done anything wrong but I was disa…Read More

    T.W. - circa 2016