An advisor & advocate for those whose interests are affected by a lawyer's conduct or misconduct, the actions of the Florida Bar or the Florida Supreme Court.

    Introducing Charles Curtis, a highly experienced lawyer with over 50 years of legal practice. Throughout his distinguished career, he has appeared before judges at every level of Florida's judicial and quasi-judicial system of justice. Charles Curtis has a diverse background, having served as a member and chairperson of three Grievance Committees organized by The Florida Bar (TFB). He previously prosecuted lawyers for misconduct under the former Rules of Florida's disciplinary process, and later shifted his focus to defending lawyers facing disciplinary actions before TFB while maintaining a successful civil and administrative law practice as a trial lawyer.

    Recognized for his contributions, Charles Curtis received an honor from a former President of TFB and was appointed to a Statewide Committee that provided recommendations to the Florida Supreme Court on Disciplinary Rules for licensed lawyers in Florida.

    With his extensive knowledge and competence, Charles Curtis now offers exclusive legal services to lawyer-clients and others seeking advice and advocacy before TFB, its Grievance Committees, The Florida Board of Bar Examiners, Referees in Disciplinary Proceedings, and the Florida Supreme Court.

    You can rely on Charles Curtis to represent your interests if your legal matters involve a lawyer's conduct or misconduct, or if you need assistance with ethical concerns. He welcomes new clients in the following areas:

  • Applicants seeking to become a Florida-licensed lawyer
  • Florida-licensed lawyers defending their license(s) and reputation against allegations of ethical misconduct
  • Eligible Florida-licensed lawyers seeking reinstatement after being found guilty of misconduct or suspended for reasons unrelated to misconduct (e.g., 'for being impaired')
  • Individuals and legal entities facing accusations of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)
  • Individuals seeking legal advice or opinions on potential or existing conduct questioned under the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar
  • Individuals filing ethical/misconduct complaints against Florida-licensed lawyers or those not licensed with The Florida Bar, including those suspected of engaging in UPL

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