State And Federal Appeals

The vast majority of lawyers in Florida do not provide appellate services and have never handled an appeal themselves. Attorney Charles Curtis has a great number and variety of appellate cases, with more than 60 appellate decisions reported. Whether you are seeking representation or consultation in an appeal, the law office of Charles L. Curtis, P.A., can provide the assistance you need.

Overturning a court decision is not an easy matter. Having an experienced trial attorney who also is an experienced appellate lawyer can greatly enhance the successful outcome of an appeal. A competent appellate lawyer not only knows the rules of appellate procedure and the requisite timing for filing writs and appeals, but can also pinpoint errors and winning issues and do the meaningful research and persuasive writing necessary for an appeal to be successful. The array of successful cases Charles Curtis has handled demonstrates he has the requisite knowledge and experience to solve your appellate needs.

Charles Curtis has had sole or primary responsibility in more than 60 civil and administrative proceedings. His appellate cases have arisen from Florida’s trial courts all over the state and have been decided at each appellate level of the State; many in the District Courts and the Florida Supreme Court. He has also handled appeals in the federal court system; including from the Federal District Courts to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. His many appellate successes are a direct result of his experience and knowledge of trial and appellate law and oral advocacy skills.