Protecting Your Business Interests

If your business is involved in a dispute, you will need an experienced commercial litigation attorney to protect your interests. For business owners, it is important to keep the business operating during the dispute or trial and, in some cases, to protect the reputation of the business and its owner.

Our office provides representation to businesses of all sizes. Fort Lauderdale commercial litigation attorney Charles Curtis can analyze the situation and present you with options for resolving the matter, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), when appropriate. While he is prepared to litigate aggressively, he understands that is not always in the client’s best interests. Providing clients with strategic and cost-effective solutions is one of our firm’s primary goals.

Mr. Curtis has the negotiation skills to understand when to compromise and when to remain firm. He can also litigate your case if the opposition is intractable or circumstances prevent an immediate resolution of the dispute. And, if the ultimate decision at trial is erroneously rendered for the other side, he has vast experience in appellate law and can appeal court decisions when necessary.

He can assist you and your business with issues such as:

  • Contract law, contract formation, and disputes
  • Professional association and business disputes
  • Zoning matters, including issues involving the ownership and permissible locations of alcoholic beverage licenses
  • Adult entertainment, including issues involving zoning rights and First Amendment rights
  • Real estate litigation
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Attorney Curtis can represent your business in administrative law cases, as well as cases involving complex litigation. With his extensive business law experience, Mr. Curtis knows how to resolve commercial disputes in a way that addresses the future success of the business as well as present concerns.

Do you require assistance with your commercial litigation case? Contact our office at 954-661-8512 today, or request a phone consultation online now.