In Florida, certain types of cases are classified as complex litigation. The Florida Supreme Court distinguishes complex cases from everyday civil litigation cases that make up the bulk of cases in the courts and allows certain complicated cases to move through the judicial system more quickly. In order to do so, litigation attorneys must adhere to more stringently applied rules and agree to give the judge more discretion to decide on certain issues that help move the case along expeditiously. If you have a case that can be tried as a complex one, you may benefit from such a proceeding, but your attorney must have experience in this area of law.

Charles L. Curtis, P.A. has more than 43 years of experience, and regardless of whether you are involved in a commercial litigation case or a professional malpractice case, you can rely on our law office for assistance and representation in a variety of complex litigation matters. Attorney Curtis has served as lead counsel and co-counsel in many litigation matters, including complex litigation. He can assess the facts and pleadings of a case and make recommendations about what to file in order to qualify the case as complex, if it can be.

What Factors Determine a Complex Litigation Case?

A case can be considered a complex litigation case when it involves the following, among other issues:

  • Numerous plaintiffs, defendants, and/or witnesses
  • Many lawyers and law firms
  • Extremely complex issues
  • Rules of law that have not been entirely decided
  • Considerable time needed to complete the trial
  • Coordination with other jurisdictions that can or may be affected
  • Substantial post-judgment judicial supervision that may be required

Cases that may become complex litigation include class action lawsuits, contract dispute matters, and serious personal injury.

Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in need of representation in a complex litigation case or an attorney in need of assistance of one as a co-counsel, Mr. Curtis has the experience and knowledge to help you.

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