Diligent And Effective

I was able to help achieve a favorable result for my client in mediation. After agreeing to the result, the client’s opposition later had second thoughts and became unhappy with the result. As undeserved retaliation, the opposition filed a complaint against me with The Florida Bar.

I recognized I was too close to the matter to be objective. I not only knew I had not done anything wrong but I was disappointed that the opposition used me as a scapegoat for a result I fairly achieved for my client.

I sought the advice, counsel and representation of Chuck Curtis. He helped me to file my responses to what turned out to be not one complaint but two. The complainant filed a second after seeing my response to the first. It concisely demonstrated that the initial complaint contained no fact that supported a violation of any rule of professional conduct.

While assuaging my consternation over the second complaint filed, Chuck, in quick fashion, helped me to file another response. It honed in on the salient, new facts asserted and emphasized that whether the facts of the first or second complaint were taken as true no fact asserted in either complaint could properly form the basis of any rule violation on my part.

Chuck’s many years of experience as a trial and appellate lawyer, as well as his complete command of this process and its rules, were instrumental in the ultimate success achieved. His considerable experience as an advocate was also highlighted when he successfully pointed out to The Florida Bar’s lawyer that the facts of my case were appropriate for TFB to end its inquiry at a very early stage in the Bar’s process.

Accomplishing these results so quickly and so skillfully spared me the time and the expense of defending myself through further Bar proceedings; and, potentially, an undeserved and unfavorable result. His good counsel and competence gave me the peace of mind that I had been looking for since the first unwarranted complaint was filed. My relief in the result was palpable.

There are not enough superlatives that I can use to thank Chuck for his diligent and effective work. And, for the solace I was able to achieve from knowing that he was there to represent my interests during a tremendously difficult time in my young legal career.

For all these reasons and many others, I recommend Chuck Curtis to any lawyer in need of his legal knowledge, skills and experience in any proceeding before The Florida Bar!

T.W. - circa 2016