Strongly Recommended

Medical conditions arising while I was practicing led to my hospitalization. While being treated I became addicted to prescriptions medications. My addiction directly affected my ability to properly perform my duties to my clients and made it easier for me to also start abusing alcohol. When clients appropriately complained, The Florida Bar (TFB) filed two complaints against me. My addictions precluded me from effectively participating in the Bar proceedings. I was suspended for several months on the client’s complaints. The Bar also sought and obtained my indefinite suspension until I complied with the Bar’s subpoena for my trust account records.

After seeking treatment for my addictions and nearing the entry of my 4th year of suspension, I contacted Chuck Curtis. He reviewed my cases; determined that I could be eligible for reinstatement; and, advised me about additional, rehabilitative actions to take while he took timely, remedial actions with the Bar and the Florida Supreme Court to help to clear the way for my application for reinstatement. By doing the groundwork that Chuck suggested and although I was out of the practice for almost five years, I was reinstated in less than 5 months from the date that I applied. The speed within which I was readmitted to practice is testament to Chuck’s superior knowledge and experience in matters involving The Florida Bar. His ability to keep up the momentum towards reinstatement was a direct result of his skills as a lawyer to work effectively with me, the Bar, the Referee and the Court. His timely filing of my petition for reinstatement; his vigilant pursuit of it, and his ultimate success in achieving reinstatement before a critical time-sensitive requirement kicked-in were all instrumental in allowing me back into the profession without having to retake and pass the Bar exam.

Thank you, Chuck, for giving me my professional life back! I strongly recommend that you use Chuck Curtis if you have a matter before The Florida Bar or if you have need to get or to keep any license.

MGP - Circa 2015